Payroll Services

ESI offers low cost payroll processing starting at just $10 that includes up five checks:

Number of
Payroll Checks

Cost Per
Pay Period

1-5 $10.00
6-10 $15.00
11-15 $20.00
16-20 $25.00
Over 20

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Year End Processing $20.00
Individual W-2’s $2.50 each
Agency Checks $1.00 each

5 employees – $10/pay period for all 5 ($2/check)
10 employees – $15/pay period for all 10 ($1.50/check)

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Each Pay Period you receive:
    Laser-printed payroll checks
    Employee earnings statements
    Payroll journal
    Check register
    Deduction register
    Departmental summary
    Tax reports

Each Month you receive:
    Month-end earnings summaries
    Check reconciliation register
    Deduction registers
    Tax reports, or checks

Each Quarter you receive:
    941 federal tax return
    State withholding reports
    940 Federal Unemployment tax data
    State Unemployment tax return
    Local tax return data

End of each Year you receive:
    Federal, State, Local summary tax data
    Federal 940 Unemployment return
    W-2 & W-3 processing

Direct Deposit is a simple way to save you time and trouble.  No more handing out checks or having employees lose them!  With our direct deposit feature we electronically deposit your employees pay directly into their bank account.

By selecting our complete tax service, Employer Solutions will administer your tax payment and filing requirements for you.  We calculate, prepare, and file your payroll-related tax returns, as well as make payments for you.

Does it take a lot of time to sign your payroll checks, or can’t always be there to do it?  Using our automatic check signing feature can put an end to these problems.  All we need is one signature from you, and we do all rest!  Your signature is digitized and printed on your checks every period.

Your payroll delivery is quoted per your selection of carrier.  We provide 1st Class U.S. mail, UPS, and Courier,  or, pick it up yourself!  Courier delivery at our cost, or we will use yours.

We provide check folding, insertion, and sealing services.  Combined with our check signing and direct deposit options, this feature can make getting payroll to your employees hassle free.

Do you write 1099 checks?  Whether you write one or one hundred checks, our 1099 processing services can save you time at year end.  We can generate all necessary tax statements and forms for you.