Employer Services

Run your business without ANY employees

What is an Employer Services agreement?

Government has made employing people so complicated that it is now a business all by itself.  To comply with the myriad of laws and regulations requires expertise in payroll, benefits, and labor law.  Many business owners who care about their employees, but cannot afford “in-house” expertise in these areas, have turned to our Employer Services.

Employer Services is an agreement between Employer Solutions, Inc. (ESI) and business  owners creating co-employers, resulting ESI becoming your human resource department.  ESI administers your employees – you concentrate on your business!

How do I benefit from an Employer Services agreement?

  •     ESI does all payroll, payroll taxes, and reporting
  •     You can offer expanded benefits, at lower cost
  •     ESI provides professional compliance (FUTA, SUTA, OSHA, INS, EEOC, ADA, etc.)
  •     ESI provides Workers Compensation assistance, tracking, and auditing.
  •     ESI provides medical and dental insurance, and claims assistance.
  •     ESI provides professional human resources including: pre-employment processing, employee handbooks, policies, forms, etc.
  •     You still control and direct the team
  •     You have more time to grow your business
  •     You make only one payment each pay period

How do my employees benefit?

Your and your employees can gain the following:

  •     Paychecks on-time and accurate, or Direct Deposit; flexible changes
  •     Lower personal taxes due to Section 125 tax savings plan
  •     Help with employee problems

How much can I save?

You will experience significant time savings resulting from our services and the elimination of employee administration and problems.  Your specific savings depend on the services ESI implements for your business.

How Do I Get Started?

ESI designs an Employer Services Agreement in cooperation with you, according to your specific needs.  During discussions with us, you will select the services you want, or need, ESI to perform for you.  ESI will provide you with a cost quote based on those services.

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