Specialty Services

Worker Compensation – Pay-As-You-Go

We work with your agent to establish a special type of Worker Compensation policy for you.  Under this policy ESI calculates you premium each payroll period based on exact payroll for that period. We automatically collect and then remit those premiums to the carrier for you.  We handle any startup, mid-year, or year-end audits for you at our offices.   No more huge up front payments, no more trying to estimate payroll 12 months or more into the future.  This tracks and pays each payroll producing the closest year-end adjustment possible, 

Payroll Debit Cards

ESI can set up personal reloadable payroll debit cards for any or all of your employees, at no charge to the company.  Under Direct Deposit the employee’s pay is deposited to a debit card they can use at stores and ATMs nationwide.  Now a third Direct Deposit option in addition to checking or savings accounts. 

Human Resource Consulting

We can provide pre-employment background checks, employee policy manuals, labor law posters,  termination processes, unemployment protests/hearings, and more.  

Got questions about FLSA, ADA, FMLA, or the rest of the government alphabet soup regulations?  We can help with answers.